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Miss Daymond is an Australian artist and designer... she loves the  flow of the fountain pen ...all her work begins with simple pen and ink...she loves black and white but has recently started working with color.

Tania has been drawing since she was a little girl...always dragging around a bag of coloured pencils and paper wherever she went. As an adult she completed a Diploma In Art Education and then Fashion Design these gave her all the basics. After a successful career in both she now pursues her real passion ...drawing.

Her drawings are large and very detailed ... sometimes taking months to complete ... they are all hand drawn with a fountain pen to get the blackest black ink. The drama of black and white is her favourite theme... focusing on texture and pattern...they are mostly black ink on white paper but sometimes living dangerously and working with bursts of bright color...to add a little vavoom.

She is continuously inspired by our natural environment...her original drawings and artwork always aim to capture that magic moment when a little pocket of nature just takes your breath away!!!

You can see her work in progress videos as posted on Instagram

@missdaymonddesigns or @missdaymonddrawsinkonly

Tania is an official Featured Artist  on Bluethumb, a curated artist on Art Lovers Australia, an artist included on the international showcase Artavita and currently featured in Art Edit Magazine, Art Edit Website and Art Edit newsletters. 


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